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Find out all the awarded short movies of the third edition of the TFFF's contest!

On 13/12/2014


Winner: price of 1.000 Euro to Fosca Liebre by NegroSemilla - Victoria Karmín and Adriana Ronquillo (Mexico)

Statement: The poetic and visionary journey of an hare, discovering how mankind is destroying Mother Earth, only to please its hectic and frivolous consumerism. This short film wins the jury award because of its powerful narrative language, universal and full of symbolism. For being able to communicate a clear message to publics of different ages and different backgrounds, by touching their deepest emotions. For the excellent making and the variety of animation techniques, used together with a first class musical score.

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Special mentionLa Gota Más Importante by Abdel Filós (Panama)

Statement: The originality of this documentary lays in the choice of settings and testimonies (an archeologist and a paleontologist). This short film manages to convey the issue’s complexity: climate change is a phenomenon that can have both positive and negative consequences, but at the end of the day we humans have the most to lose. The message is clear and direct from the title: every single one of us can do something to stop climate change and our greatest weapon is the vote. Choices that individuals make can be important.

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Special mentionMattress by Michelle Kee (Canada)

Statement: A nice short film about young generation’s social commitment. Starting from a seemingly small episode (an old mattress being abandoned on the street), the story evolves to show what could become a big problem. The comical and grotesque register, used by the director to handle a serious issue like the environment, is interesting. Good actors; marvelous the child protagonist.

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Chasquis by Pepe Rubio Larrauri (Perù)