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Find out some of the shorts that took part to the 2014 contest

On 19/01/2015

You can find on Think Forward Youtube Channel some of the shorts that took part to the 2014 international contest:

> 1988
Bartolomé (Tomeu) Santandreu Borrás, 19’10”, fiction, Spain
On June 23 1988 James Hansen, a prestigious NASA climatologist, declared at the US Congress that Earth's climatewas changing due to massive CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The effects would be devastating for humans and the Earth. During those days a hiker has an accident under mysterious circumstances.

> A good Climate for Change
Petra Zlonoga, 3’, animation, Croatia
The celebration of the Coast Day at the Mediterranean is to raise awareness of the importance of the coast as both natural and economic resource, and to warn of the risks it is exposed to due to natural phenomena and human actions. Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) is extensively promoted as the optimal policy framework for achieving sustainable development of coastal areas.

> Fosca Liebre
NegroSemilla - Victoria Karmín and Adriana Ronquillo, 18’, animation, Mexico
Fosca, a hare that listened tha call of the Mother Earth, defended with her friends, the life on desert that is threatened by mining.

> Green cooling for a warming world
Letty Felgendreher, 5’, animation, Germany
How are cooling technologies linked to our climate? And what do they need to ensure that they are truly environmentally friendly? Refrigeration and air-conditioning are part of our everyday life: Frozen food transport, the cooling of buildings or household fridges are only a few examples to be named. A new movie explains how cooling technologies are linked to our climate and what it needs to ensure that they are truly environmentally friendly.

> La Gota Mas Importante
Abdel Filós, 8’59”, documentary, Panamá
Open the space for a documentary full of common experiences and other perspectives about Climate change that receive little exposure. A curious blend between ordinary people and experts was the result of this documentary.

> Villeray
Mélanie St-Arnaud Dubois, 17’35”, comedy, Canada
New neighbours in a district of Montreal are confronted by the diversity of their respective lifestyles and ideals. In spite of cultural differences, they come to find harmony and to appreciate the benefits of being part of a community.

> WaterChanges - Rain- and Floodwater for Epyeshona and Iipopo
Christel Brunn, 11’25”, documentary, Germany
In a region ruled in equal parts by floods and droughts, natural water resources can now be used year round. Irrigation water for crop production is harvested with the help of Rain- and Floodwater Harvesting pilot plants in two villages in Northern Namibia - Epyeshona and Iipopo. The German-Namibian research project CuveWaters has developed tailored solutions for a decentralised and sustainable water supply for the population of the northern Namibian Cuvelai-Etosha Basin.