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The course on the direction of animation for kids will start tomorrow

On 21/02/2013
The course on the direction of animation for the kids who participated in the second edition of the TFFF will start tomorrow.

The workshop, held by Daniele Lunghini, aims at realizing an animated short film on themes of climate change and renewable energies.


Daniele Lunghini

Director, illustrator, events creator, web communicator. He lives in Reggio Emilia. With his 3D-short-film “The Scandal Photos” he won the Grand Prize of World Animation Celebration (Los Angeles), and, with his “Imagine” (Montecarlo, 2001), the category of Best European Production. Lunghini has been selected to participate in the Festivals of New York, Miami, Melbourne, Tokyo and another 40 Events, and hereby won 6 international awards. Further information is available at: www.lunghini.it.